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Spoil Yourself Every Once in a While

Manicure Services

1. Regular Manicure $18
2. Deluxe Manicure $25

Include Regular Manicure, OPI mask, sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin hot towel, massage time.

3. Royal Manicure $29

Include Deluxe Manicure, paraffin treatment, entended massage time.

4. Collagen Manicure $30

Include Deluxe Manicure, collagen glove, hot towel in the most relaxing, extended massage time.

Combo Manicure & Pedicure$45 Combo Royal Manicure & Pedicure$71

Pedicure Services

1. Regular Pedicure $27
2. Gel with Pedicure $42
3. VIP Pedicure $35

- Please choose your favorite scents: Lavender, Orange, Tropical.
- Callus treatment of heels, OPI sugar scrub exfoliate dead skin and relaxing massage of the feet and lower legs with our a lotion, massage and hot towel wrap.

4. Aroma In A Box (4 in 1) $40

- Your choice of Ocean Fresh, Orange, Lemon, Mango, lavender, Green Tea, Tropical.
- Each set include: sea salt soak, sugar scrub, clay mask and cream.
- Please callus removal, hot towel. Extended massage time.

5. Royal Pedicure $42

- Include VIP Pedicure
- Plus paraffin treatment to prevent cracked, dry heels and circulation. Extended massage time.

6. Luxury Pedicure$47

- Include Royal Pedicure
- Plus hot stone. Extended massage time.

7. NEW!!! Organic Collagen Pedicure In A Box (6 in 1)$55

- Your choice of Luxury Pearl, Sweat Orange, Perfume, Lavender, Crystal Waters, Lemon.
- Featuring all organic product. - Sea salt soak, sugar scrub, clay mask, and bamboo stick massage with butter.
- Collagen socks treatment.
- Plus hot stone. Extended massage time.

Combo Manicure & Pedicure$40 Combo Royal Manicure & Pedicure$69

Nail Enhancements

Full Set
Acrylic Solar Nails $37
Acrylic Solar with Gel Color$48
Solar (Pink & White) $53
Dip Powder (SNS)$40 - $45

SNS healthy to your real nail, had no color, no primer and no UV light.
SNS much thinner and is for tified with calcium and vitamin E.

Fill Ins
Acrylic Solar Nails $27
Acrylic Solar with Gel Color$40
Solar (Pink & White) $45
Dip Powder (SNS)$40

SNS healthy to your real nail, had no color, no primer and no UV light.
SNS much thinner and is for tified with clcium and vitamin E.

Gel Nails (Shellac)

Gel Color $20 - $25
Gel with Manicure $35 - $40 (French)
Gel with Pedicure $42

Additional Services

Remover SNS$10
Remove Acrylic $10
Polish Change Nail$10 - $12 (French)
Polish Change Toes$12 - $14 (French)
Different Shapes$5

Kid Specials

* 3 - 5 years old
* 6 - 10 years old
* 11 - 14 years old

Waxing Services

Eyebrow $12
Chin $8
Lip $6
Full Face $35
Bikini $35 up
Half Arm $25
Full Arm $35
Under Arm $15 up
Half Leg $30 up
Full Leg $45 up


Eye Brow $20

Eyelash Extensions

Full set Volume lash $130
Fill volume lash$75 up
Trip Lashes $45
Trip $15
Lash Removal$20

Facials Services (Featuring all Yonka product)

Each treatment has been designed exclusively according to you, your desires and special needs to unveil your true beauty at all states of life.
1. Mini Facial 30 min $45

- Facial steamer hot mist creates perspiration on the face, which opens your pore following them to breathe and diminishing oil and grime.
- Face wash, cleanser, exfoliate scrub features marine diatoms to gently smooth the skin surface by removing deadcell buildup and pore blocking impurities.
- Mask, toning, hot towel, massage cream.

2. Le Grand Classique 60 min$65

- Include Mini Facial.
- Deep pore cleansing and restoring facial.
- Suppling, moisture and repairing damaged skin.
- Oil reduction, ance, black, heads. - Yonka nourishing cream. A Luxuriously rich, in tense moisturizer blending oil.
- Neck head and shoulder massage.
- Extended massage time.